Mineral Specimens from the 2009 Tucson Mineral Show

Spessartine Parcels

Wholesale priced lots of Spessartine from Tanzania.

Mixed Minerals 2

Mixed minerals including Cuprite and Cuprite on Copper from a new find in Siberia.

Mixed Minerals 3


Nine specimens of the rare mineral Henmilite from the Fuka Mine in Japan.


Acanthite and one Polybasite specimen from the Imiter Mine, Morocco.

Thumbnail Sized Specimens

North American Minerals

African Minerals


Mixed minerals from the pegmatites of Pakistan and Afghanistan including green Herderite (!), Varynynite, Peridot, Kunzite, and more.

Chinese Minerals

A good mix of new and old material from China. Of note are 4 specimens from a new find of Scheelite.

Mixed Minerals

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